Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Quiz

Road Trip
Quiz (answers are in the comments)

Match the state with its nickname

1. Alaska 
 a. Land of Lincoln

2. Arkansas 
 b. Keystone State

3. Connecticut 
 c. Live Free or Die

4. Delaware 
 d. The Silver State

5. Illinois 
 e. Land of Enchantment

6. Missouri 
 f. Greatest Snow on Earth

7. Montana 
 g. Great Lakes 

8. Nevada 
 h. The Empire State

9. New Hampshire 
 i. The Natural State

10. New Jersey 
 j. Constitution State

11. New Mexico 
 k. Show Me State

12. New York 
 l. America's Dairyland

13. Pennsylvania 
 m. Wild, Wonderful

14. Michigan 
 n. The First State

15. Utah 
 o. Big Sky

16. Vermont 
 p. Green Mountain State

17. West Virginia 
 q. The Last Frontier

18. Wisconsin 
 r. Garden State

19. The longest east-west Interstate runs between: 

a. Los Angeles and New York City 

b. San Francisco and Washington D.C. 

c. Seattle and Boston

d. Portland, Ore., and Miami 

20.  The longest north-south transcontinental route runs between: 

a. Alabama and Indiana 

b. Florida and Maine

c. Louisiana and Michigan 

d. Texas and Minnesota 

21.  Interstate routes that run (north-south, east-west) are odd numbered. 

22.  The state with the most Interstate routes is: 

a. California                        c. New York

b. Illinois 
                        d. Texas

23. The highest elevation point on the Interstate System is in:

            a. Colorado                        c. Utah

            b. West Virginia            d. Vermont

24.  The lowest elevation point on the Interstate System is in:

            a. Louisiana                        c. Arizona

            b. California                        d. Florida

25.  T F One mile of every five miles of Interstate highway must be straight enough to allow planes to land on it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Meeting

Our February book pick is Driving Sideways by Jess Riley.  As discussed at January's meeting, Book Club will be MOVED to February 19 instead of February 12 because of Early Release Day.  Our meeting will be held at Sara's house at 6:45.  More information to follow.