Monday, August 6, 2007

August Game

Cell Phone Address Book Scavenger Hunt
(Give yourself a point if you have the following names/numbers saved in your cell phone address book)

Non-immediate relative (ex. aunt, cousin, etc.) ________
Friend from out of state ________
Friend from out of the country ________
Friend whose initials are the same-for example:
Andrea Adams (must have at least the
initials in your address book) ________
Pizza place (up to 2 points) ________
ICE (In Case of Emergency) ________
My phone number (2 points if you have my
home AND cell!) ________
Babysitter (up to 2 points) ________
Mother-in-law ________
A fax number ________
Pediatrician ________
Doctor ________
Dentist ________
Hairdresser ________
A business (not a work phone for a friend) ________
Restaurant (up to 2 points) ________
School (up to 2 points) ________
Friend in a different time zone ________
Vet ________
3 friends with the same first name (ex. Kim
Anderson, Kim Siegmund, Kim Smith) ________

TOTAL: ________

(25 points total)

1 comment:

Andrea Braun said...

Congratulations, Grace with 23 points!