Monday, January 14, 2008

January quiz

As a special treat this month, Kim A. brought the quiz!  You can imagine my excitement when I saw this...

1.  In what state does LSU play their home football games?
2. What is the mascot for LSU?
3. What is the mascot's name?
4. What are their two predominant colors?
5. What conference does LSU play in?
6. What year did they join the conference?
7. How many conference championships has LSU won?
8. Who did LSU defeat to win the 2007 National Championship?
9. How many National Championships has LSU won?
10. What year did LSU play their first season?
11. What is the LSU fight song?
12. What stadium does LSU play their football games?
              also known as_______________?
13. What is the capacity of the stadium (nearest 10,000)?
14. Who is the head coach for LSU?
15. In their last meeting with the GEORGIA BULLDOGS in October, 2004, who won?  What was the final score of the game? (Sorry couldn't resist that one!)

Answers (if anyone cares but me!) are in the comment section.


Andrea Braun said...

1. Louisiana
2. Tiger
3. Mike
4. purple and gold
5. SEC (Southeastern Conference)
6. 1932
7. 13
8. Ohio State
9. 3
10. 1893
11. Tiger Rag (Hey, Fightin' Tiger)
12. Tiger Stadium, a.k.a. Death Valley
13. 92,000
14. Les Miles
15. Georgia- UGA 45-LSU 16

Anonymous said...

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