Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Follow up

Great meeting last night! The food was great and so was the discussion! We need to do several things:

1. We need to update our roster for the coming year. Please reply in the comments if you would like to continue meeting with the book club. Dues are $5 a month.

2. There was some discussion on what day to meet. With a group this size, NO day is good for everyone! May's meeting will continue on the 2nd Monday of the month but be thinking about summer and fall and we will discuss a day change at the May meeting.

3. If you would like to submit a book for our May selection, please leave it in the comment section or email it to Andrea BY THURSDAY. The poll will be open for voting Friday and Saturday.

4. If you would like to host book club at your house in May or July let Andrea know.


Anonymous said...

Life has made it hard to make it to the last several meetings. At this time I will proably opt out. I will, however, get the dues for Jan-April to Kim something this week.

Troye said...

Book recommendation:
Beneath the Marble Sky by John Shors
Shors tells the love story of the Mughal emporer who builds the Taj Mahal for his wife through the eyes of the emperor's fictional daughter. One reviewer said that she had to keep turning to the cover to remind herself that this was written by a man because his description of this story of love was so powerful that she was convinced the the author was female.

Anonymous said...

Joelma says... Count me in!

Vinegar Hill, by A. Manette Ansay, is my 1st suggestion. Same author of Midnight Champagne; I know nothing about the author LOL

Laughable Loves, by Milan Kundera, is my 2nd suggestion. It's a series of easy to read short stories. I love his writings. He wrote The Unbearable Lightness Of Being (made into a movie).

Anonymous said...

I'm in! Book Suggestion: Love Walked In. Don't know much about this book, but it was recommended to me.


Kim said...

I definitely want to keep doing Book Club!

Anonymous said...

I liked some of the books from last month's poll -- Gods in Alabama sounds interesting as does Souvenir. And I still wouldn't mind re-reading Tending Roses.

I'm flexible but hope for something uplifting!


Anonymous said...

Count me in as well. I loved reading The Friday Night Knitting Club. It is a great book. I know, I don't have a great track record, but I have read this one...and would re-read it for book club.

Anonymous said...

I am in - keeps my brain active since kids, husband, work, tennis, and partying aren't helping my brain cells!!!

Troye said...

I would like to continue!!!

wivanov said...

I am in...... and I will go to the meetings if work allows me. I would love to change the day to Thursday if possible.


Anonymous said...

i would love to continue, but like Wendy, I will be there when work allows it..... :) sara