Thursday, January 14, 2010

January Quiz

Lockerbie Bombing

1. The plane that was destroyed by a bomb over Lockerbie Scotland was:

Pan AM Flight 103

Northwest Flight 253

American Airlines Flight 11

United Airlines Flight 175

2. The plane was flying from:

Paris to Newark

Dublin to JFK

Heathrow to JFK

Heathrow to LaGuardia

3. This tragedy occurred in





4. The number of fatalities was





5. _________ was convicted of this crime.

No one

A Libyan

An Iranian

An American Muslim

6. ___T ___F The cockpit voice recorder was never found.

7. ___T ___F There were CIA agents on board the flight.

8. ___T ___F There were no fatalities on the ground.

9. ___T ___F Investigators believe that the victims died from the explosion, not the impact.

10. This singing group was scheduled to be aboard the flight but overslept and missed it.

The Temptations

The Four Tops

The Commodores

The Platters

11. ___T ___F An anonymous warning was called in concerning the bomb and was distributed to all carriers.

12. In 2009, the only person convicted of the bombing was released on


an overturned conviction

compassionate grounds

a provision of a new international treaty

13. ___T ___F In 2003, Libya formally admitted responsibility for the bombing.

14. There were 35 students from this college returning from a semester abroad.

Princeton University

Syracuse University

Harvard University

Duke University

15. ___T ___F The families of the victims were compensated for their loss.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

1. Pan AM Flight 103
2. Heathrow to JFK
3. 1988
4. 270
5. A Libyan
6. False
7. True
8. False
9. False
10. The Four Tops
11. True
12. compassionate grounds
13 True
14. Syracuse University
15. True.