Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I am SURE that we are better than our name reflects...our book club needs a name that is more about who we are than where we live! Everyone please submit a name for our book club and we will vote on it. Winner gets a prize!!! (TBD based on time and budget!)


Troye said...

I used all my creative juices yesterday. It may take a while before my brain allows another "lightbulb moment." I can't wait to hear what you more creative ladies come up with.

Joelma Soares-Sambdman said...

Joelma's suggestion for our club's name based on our very diverse background and personalities :-)
"The DRY Book Club" (The Drinkers, The Readers, and The “Youngers” Book Club).
Our motto: "No drinking, no reading, and no youthfulness required, but all three much desired!"
Side note: I am aware the correct English usage is the "youthful" - not the "youngers" - but youthful didn't rhyme and didn't sound as funny to me! Call it artistic or literary license LOL Also, "youngsters" sounded like a reference to our long gone teen years and, I'm sure we all are in our mid 20s! Right?