Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May Quiz-Philadelphia

1. The _______________ is the oldest operational theater in the English speaking world and is in Philadelphia.
The Arden Theater
Olde City Theater
Walnut Street Theater

2. There is a museum in Philadelphia dedicated to the works of a single great French artist. The collection of this artist's work in Philadelphia is the largest outside Paris. Who is the artist?
Henri Matisse
Auguste Rodin
Claude Monet

3. True or False? Philadelphia City Hall is the tallest municipal building in the world.

4. What is the name of Philadelphia's primary river?

5. What is the name of the football stadium that serves as the home of the Eagles (as of 2003)?
Wachovia Center
Lincoln Financial Field
Veterans Stadium

6. What is the name of the first Philadelphia suspension bridge over the Delaware River?
The Betsy Ross Bridge
The Walt Whitman Bridge
The Benjamin Franklin Bridge

7. The first brick home in North America was constructed in 1682 in Philadelphia. Who was its first occupant?
John Bartram
William Penn
Benjamin Franklin

8. The first World's Fair held in the United States was held in Philadelphia and was the focus of the city's Centennial Celebration. This was not the centennial of the city's founding, rather of another important Philadelphia historical event. What year was it held?

9. True or False? Philadelphia has the largest municipal park system in the world.

10. Which of the following treats would NOT be considered a claim to fame for Philadelphia?
Soft Pretzels
Cream Cheese
Campbell's Soup

11. True or False? Philadelphia was captured by the Confederates during the Civil War.

12. What famous figure and master of sarcasm made famous the phrase, "I'd rather be dead than be in Philadelphia."?
Jackie Gleason
P. T. Barnum
W. C. Fields

13. Who was Pennsylvania named after?
Thomas Jefferson
William Penn
George Washington
14. Where in Philly was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Independence Hall
Market Street
Fairmount Park

15. What did Penn call the plan for Philadelphia?
Penn’s Woods
The Holy Experiment

16. What year did the Second Continental Congress met in Philly?

17. Where did George Washington and his troops stay during the cold winter of 1777?
Independence MallThe Gallery
Valley Forge

18. What other historical documents were developed in Philadelphia?
Bill of rights
Stamp Act
The Articles of Confederation

19. In what year did Philadelphia become the capital of the United States?

20. Which famous music group contained four guys from North Philly?
Tim McGraw
Boys 2 Men
Kobe Bryant

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Andrea said...

1. Walnut Street Theater- The theater opened in 1809

2. Auguste Rodin- The Rodin Museum opened to the public in 1929 and showcases 124 sculptures.
Claude Monet

3. True. The US Capitol building measures up at a mere 288 feet, vs. the 548 feet of Philadelphia City Hall. (Both measurements include crowning statues.)

4. The Delaware- The Delaware was the river that Washington crossed during the Revolutionary War to ambush a band of English soldiers and Hessian mercenaries at Trenton, NJ on December 26, 1776.

5. Lincoln Financial Field- Begun on May 7, 2001 and completed in the summer of 2003, the Lincoln Financial Field had a final pricetag of $512 million dollars. The stadium seats 68,532 fans, and replaced Veteran Stadium as the home of the Eagles.

6. The Benjamin Franklin Bridge- The Ben Franklin Bridge opened to traffic as the Delaware River Port Authority Bridge on January 6, 1922. The bridge wasn't given its present moniker until 1956. The main span is 1750 feet in length and connects Philadelphia, PA to Camden, NJ. The bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world until the George Washington was completed in New York City in 1931.

7. William Penn

8. 1876

9. True. The Fairmount Park System encompasses 8900 acres of public land in the city of Philadelphia. Central Park in NYC is only 843 acres.

10. Campbell's Soup- Campbell's soup, founded in 1869, is based in Camden, NJ, Philadelphia's sister city across the Delaware.

11. False. Although Pennsylvania soil saw combat, most notably at Gettysburg, Philadelphia was never captured by the rebels.

12. W. C. Fields- W. C. Fields was born in Philadelphia. He ran away from home at 11. In a 1925 Vanity Fair article, he suggested in jest that the epitaph on his tombstone should read, "I would rather be living in Philadelphia.”

13. William Penn

14. Independence Hall

The Holy Experiment

16. 1775

17. Valley Forge

18. The Articles of Confederation


20. Boys 2 Men