Thursday, May 22, 2008

June Book Selection

Our June book club selection is Gods in Alabama by Jocelyn Jackson. She is a VERY funny author-go check out her blog Faster Than Kudzu. Please suggest books for July and August-I would like to vote on both at the same time. Joelma has suggested the Uptown Cafe in Lawrenceville for our restaurant next month. Leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

We are leaving for the beach on June 8th, so I will miss this months meeting. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Could we meet the 16th? Kids are at camp and Sean is out of town. I think I can be in either day just a thought.


Anonymous said...

We'll be in Florida visiting family during June. I'd love to borrow this book though -- it sounds good! Enjoy.

Joelma Soares-Sambdman said...

16th is fine with me!