Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June meeting

Since almost all of us cannot meet on June 9th, we will be having book club this month on June 16th! Please leave suggestions for the restaurant and RSVP in the comments section.


Joelma Soares-Sambdman said...

16th is fine with me!

Kim A said...

The 16th is great for me! We could try Houndstooth Grill (formerly the Braselton Grill). Has anyone been there?

Anonymous said...

16th is great! Houndstooth is good, we've been once.


wivanov said...
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wivanov said...

I am so excited that the date was changed for the 16th as that week I am here so I am going for sure :o)



Anonymous said...

i cannot make it on the 16th- i am working 3-11. and i actually read the book and was looking forward to coming and seeing everyone!!! hope you guys have fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
The 16th works for me! Houndstooth would be fine. Andrea can I ride with you???